Why Biblical Journeys?

Biblical Journeys offers a very unique opportunity. Because of our experience, our knowledge of the land and relationships with both those in the United States and in Israel. We believe we are the best suited for Christian journeys in this part of the world. The founder of Biblical Journeys, Khader (George) Maskubi, became an official guide of Biblical sites in Israel in the year 2000. After hundreds of tours, he pursued his own dream to go beyond guiding and establish the perfect company to join both nations while keeping a strong Biblical emphasis. He has unusual capabilities as one who grew up in Israel and then received his formal education in the U. S. He is a citizen of both countries which provides him with an unequaled understanding to provide the best insight and leadership for you.

You may have come by our site out of curiosity, hoping to find just the right trip for you. You have found the right place. If you will let us know what type of trip and type of group with which you wish to travel, we can help you. As you look through our currently schedule tours, you may find someone of which you have heard, or that you know. You may register on the link for their tour. If not, then let us get to know you and help you find just the right tour for you.

If you are a Biblical teacher looking for a way to form your own tour opportunity, you have also come to the right company. We will guide you through the process which will include: organizing your itinerary, booking your flights, reserving your hotels, restaurants, and ground transportation. We will secure your guide and verify entrance to the sites in the Holy Land or other places you may wish to go. We will work to make your Biblical Journey a unique experience for you and those who come with you. We are not a cookie cutter agency. Allow us the opportunity to serve you with your own exclusive tour.

In the coming days more improvements will be found on our website. We will be adding options to better serve both the traveler who is seeking a tour and a leader who desires to organize their own teaching tour. At this time if you need more information concerning any of our tours, or you are interested in leading a tour, please use the link in the menu bar above to contact us.

Biblical Journeys was founded to serve you in whatever way we can. We offer tours to the Holy Land, which can also include Jordan, along with the Missionary Journeys of Paul, a Reformation Tour, and many more destinations. It will be our honor to assist you in leading your own trip, and even combine these experiences. Please contact us and let us know how we can be a blessing to you and those you know. We hope to see you soon.

God bless you!