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Israel is a land, a mystery, about people, about nations, about our God!

Israel is the most coveted land in the world. Why? The Bible tells us the reasons. To visit Israel is to take a “Biblical Journey!” Think about it. Some legends say Creation occurred in Israel. Jerusalem is the city where God chose to put His name (1 Chronicles 6:6). The land flows with truth concerning Scripture truth and is called by many, the “Fifth Gospel.” From the histories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David and of Israel to the clear truths concerning the Messiah, our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is all a part of the journey. You will delve into the truths as you learn from some traditions and historical teachings from thousands of years, but most of all from the Holy Bible. You will walk where Jesus walked, learn of the homeland for the Christian faith, and return home, never to be the same again! It is in the Land of the Bible where both prophecy and present application of Scriptures become more clear. With us, our genuine desire is for you to take a Biblical Journey. 


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As you discover the many trips we offer, you will find many different options and different kinds of groups. Each tour will include an experienced guide and a tour host. Look at their itineraries and see how we work to insure the best trip. Our tours are all inclusive, meaning you are never surprised with hidden fees. You will enjoy wonderful hospitality, first class hotels, and great food. When time allows, many of hotels have wonderful pools and spas for your enjoyment. Be aware, when you see these itineraries, you will want to come to Israel very soon and tour the homeland of the Bible. Plan your Biblical Journey today!


why you should choose to take your tour with Biblical Journeys?

What a great question and this is an easy answer! When you take a life changing trip to the Holy Land, you want to travel with someone who knows the Land. With 20 years experience, Khader (George) Maskubi followed his dream and founded this company. He has personally led hundreds of tours. George seeks out the best guides that have a passion for the work of leading Christian pilgrims to see the homeland of the Scriptures. He grew up in Israel and was educated in the United States, a perfect blend for the philosophies of creating the best Biblical Journeys experience. Whether you are a ministry leader or someone seeking to see the land of the Bible, we are committed to make your time in the Holy Land one of excellence.

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