Italy 0420Weatherby


Italy 0420Weatherby


Duration: 9 Days
Dates: April 15, 2020 to April 23, 2020
Departure City: Denver, CO


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Day 1

Depart for Rome

Day 2


Day 3

Rome Republic and Imperial Rome

Day 4

Rome Vatican

Day 5

Pompei - Sorrento

Day 6

Herculaneum - Sorrento

Day 7

Paestum - Naples

Day 8

Naples - Frascati Paestum - Rome

Day 9


Included in your Trip:



Roundtrip Non-Stop Flight- Wide-bodied tans-atlantic jets.



Porterage of Baggage – Your bags will be put on buses and taken up to your room for you.



Air-Conditioned Motor Coaches – Ride aboard a brand-new, private, air-conditioned motor coach.



Knowledgeable Guides- Informed of Historical and Biblical Context of Sites Visited



Customized Guidebook – Complete with study on where you have been and where you will go on your tour.



Superior First Class Hotels – We stay at only the best hotels the area has to offer.


Group Photos and More – Get a group photo and tons of photography opportunities!


Two Meals Daily 



Comprehensive Sightseeing – With plenty of time and opportunity for pictures.



Limited Trip Size – We strive to make your trip special and unique, so this trip offers limited group size.



Entrance Fees to Places Visited – Walk right past the ticket booth with all your Entrance Fees paid in advance!


Special Rabbinical Tunnel Visit


Detailed Itinerary

DAY 01 WEDNESDAY APRIL 15 - Depart from USA – Fly to Rome

DAY 02 THURSDAY, APRIL 16 Arrive Rome Airport – OSTIA - Rome

Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City. You will be met at the airport and then transferred by private coach to the archaeolgical site of Ostia, the port city for Rome. Here we will examine the homes, baths, theater, warehouses, and shop lined city streets of this excellently preserved and well excavated ancient city. Additionally,in Ostia we will visit the ancient synagogue. Here, archaeologists discovered the earliest synagogue ever found in Europe. Cotninue to the hotel. After settling in, we will enjoy a welcome dinner. Overnight Overnight in Rome. (D)set off on These and many other treasures are ours to explore before a welcome dinner to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful trip.


The ancient Romans referred to Rome as Capt Mundi – the head of the world. As the center of the Roman Republic and then the Empire, Rome witnessed 1,000 years of one of the greatest civilizations in the world before becoming the seat of what is now the Catholic Church. Evidence of the glory of ancient Rome and the Italian Renaissance can be seen throughout the historical center.Our morning begins with a visit to We will then head over to the Basilica of San Clemente, a church whose multiple subterranean levels attest to 2,000 years of the neighborhood’s history. We will wrap up our day with a tour of a site that features some subterranean ancient Roman homes with a very special and sacred history. we will explore the famous Colosseum – the largest ancient amphitheater in the world and the site of countless gladiator games. In the afternoon we will tour the Roman forum, the administrative capital of the Empire and the site of some of the most famous speeches in history by the likes of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cicero. As we leave the forum we will pay a visit to the site of the Mamertine prison, where according to tradition St. Peter was incarcerated before his execution in 64 A.DOvernight in Rome. (B,D)


We begin the day with a visit to one of the most important museums in the world. Legally its own country, Vatican City is the head and administrative center of the Catholic Church. One of the most extensive museum collections in the world, the museum is also home to the Sistine Chapel, where the legendary Michelangelo created one of his most famous masterpieces on the ceiling. After the museums we will visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest Catholic basilica ever built. It’s soaring dome was engineered by Michelangelo and the artist’s famous Pieta sculpture and countless other artistic wonders make St. Peter’s church one of the most awe–inspiring buildings in the world. Following lunch, we will be given a rare, very special tour of the ancient necropolis beneath the Basilica of St. Peter’s – the site of St. Peter’s tomb ( TBC) Then we will enjoy .an orientation walk through the Centro Storico – the historical center – and see the famous monuments and piazzas that make Rome the most magnificent of Italian cities and the Pantheon, a building dedicated to the worship of the state gods and for the imperial cult. TOvernight in Rome. (B,D)

DAY 05 SUNDAY, APRIL 19 Pompei – Sorrento

Today, we cehck our and depart the hotel on a short journey outside the city center to visit one of the most unique catacomb complexes in the city: The Catacombs of St. Priscilla, which features the earliest known depiction of the Virgin Mary is located.we will then continue drivint along the highway towards south, to reach our next destination in approx 3 hours drive: we will tour Pompeii, the site of one of history’s most dramatic disasters and one of archaeology’s most enlightening and evocative excavations. In 79 A.D., a powerful eruption of Mt. Vesuvius completely buried the ancient Roman port cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Centuries later, what was an unmitigated disaster for the ancient inhabitants of these cities created an almost perfect snapshot of life in ancient Rome at the end of the 1st century. The remarkable state of preservation of both cities is a wonder for both modern visitors and archaeologists alike, and walking through these ancient streets is an astonishing experience that no history enthusiast should miss. Overnight in Sorrento. (B,D)

DAY 06 MONDAY, APRIL 20 Herculaneum - – Sorrento

This morning we will visit Pompeii’s sister city Herculaneum, which shared Pompeii’s fate during the catastrophic volcanic eruption. Completely buried by rock and ash during the 79 A.D. eruption, a visit to the site of Herculaneum allows us to continue our extraordinary journey through 1st century Rome. We shall also witness how this ancient natural disaster did not spare even the most elite of Roman society. A visit to the perfectly preserved Villa Poppaea, the seaside vacation home of the Emperor Nero’s wife that was also buried in the eruption, provides us with a unique insight into the private life of one of Rome’s most notorious imperial families. We return to Sorrento to enjoy an afternoon at leisure . Stroll around the narrow streets of the city, famous to be the beginning of the Amalfi Coast. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. Overnight in Sorrento (BD)

DAY 07 TUESDAY, APRIL 21 Paestum – Naples

Today we check out and drive south for approx 2 hours, to Paestum, the site of three of the world’s most beautifully preserved Greek temples, as well as some extremely unique and rare tombs from the same period – Then we’ll enjoy a visit to a buffalo mozzarella factory to see how this increadible cheese is produced and to have a light lunch based on buffalo cheeses Then we travel north again to Naples. Dinner and overning in Naples (BLD) Overnight in Sorrento. (B,D)

DAY 08 WEDNESDAY APRIL 22 NAPLES – Frascati Paestum – Rome

We will start the day with a tour of the Archaeological Museum of Naples, where the most important remains of the nearby buried cities are on display. Enjoy a tour of Naples, said to be the most beautifl city in the world. Our final full day will see us traveling north to the hilly city of Frascati, where we will enjoy our final farewell dinner. I Overnight in Frasati (B,D)